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Julie Thilges
Julie Thilges

Julie Thilges

Registered & Licensed Dietitian

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About Julie Thilges

Hi! My name is Julie, and I have been a registered and licensed dietitian for over 15 years in clinical and community settings. I have helped thousands of people across their lifespan eat healthy, improve their nutrition, and improve their overall health and wellness.

I have also seen countless times people come to me desperate, hopeless, frustrated and defeated after falling short of achieving their initial goals or setting unrealistic goals for themselves personally. Some of these goals were for weight loss or to improve their health.  It is heartbreaking to watch this happen to motivated people.

That is why I am excited to be part of the JusBFit team to help you reach your fitness and health goals!  I hope to share up and coming evidenced based information on relevant topics as well as help you come up with personalized plans to meet your individualized needs and goals!  I am so excited to be on this journey with you!