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Rilee Woods
Rilee Woods

Rilee Woods

Weight & Strength Training Coach

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Abs #02 with Rilee Woods
Abs #02 with Rilee

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About Rilee Woods

Aho, a warm welcome to you! Originally from Palm Springs, California, I now reside nestled in Eugene, Oregon. Starting out in the health industry as a medical assistant years back, I pivoted my focus to the natural/holistic side of health a few years ago and decided to study exercise and nutrition since they have both had such a direct impact on my life.

I am truly passionate about helping anyone who feels the inevitable pull to improve upon their body and/or mind. I believe it is easier than most people think not only to alter your body composition, lose fat and gain muscle, but to create lasting change and reformation across any and every outlet imaginable.

Being a former gymnast, rock climber and weightlifter with an adventurous spirit all throughout life, I am constantly inspired by many different forms of exercise and incorporate them into my training. Weight/strength training is the base of my foundation while encouraging ease of functional movement. I invite you to build a better relationship with food, your body, and move efficiently for the rest of your life!

Education & Certifications

Rilee has the following professional certifications:
NASM – Certified Personal Trainer (1200410638)
ISSA – Certified Nutritionist (2290606)