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MEMBER OBLIGATIONS. This Agreement is a legally binding obligation for which I am financially responsible. If I have a prepaid membership, I acknowledge that the fee paid is not refundable under any circumstances. If I have a term membership, my membership will automatically renew after the term ends and I will continue to be billed according to my regular billing schedule unless I provide notice of cancellation. I understand I am responsible for updating my address and contact information.

CANCELLATION. After my right to cancel period noted earlier (if any), I may cancel my membership by giving notice by updating my membership level to cancelled within my profile on the website. The notice will be effective on the last day of the month which is at least 30 days from the date of my notice, and I will be required to pay all fees up until that date and any outstanding fees for other services already supplied to me, regardless of whether or not I use the service after the date of my notice. If collection or legal services are needed to collect any unpaid amount, I am responsible for all costs of collection, including solicitor’s fees of JusBFit 24|7. If I die or become totally or permanently disabled, upon reasonable written notice to the JusBFit 24|7 with proof of the death or disability, either I or my estate may cancel this Agreement.

MEMBERSHIP FREEZE. Memberships can not be frozen.

FACILITIES AND SERVICES. JusBFit 24|7 reserves the right at any time to delete, discontinue, or replace the video content or other services without any effect on this Agreement. JusBFit 24|7 may be closed for up to two weeks each year for maintenance purposes.

PRICES. From time to time, and not more than once per year, JusBFit 24|7 may need to increase the price of my membership fees. JusBFit 24|7 will give at least 30 days’ notice of any incoming price increase, and will make it very clear when the price increase will take effect and how much my membership will cost after the increase. During this period, I will have my usual right to terminate my membership in accordance with the membership terms and conditions. If I do not terminate the membership by the date given to me in the notice then the price of my membership will be increased in accordance with the notice provided.

MINIMUM AGE. All membership holders of the club must be a minimum 14 years of age.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. I agree that, except for any legal responsibility that JusBFit 24|7 or its content creators cannot exclude in law (such as for death or personal injury), JusBFit 24|7 or its content creators are not legally responsible for any: (i) losses that (a) were not foreseeable to me and them when the contract was formed or (b) were not caused by any breach on the part of JusBFit 24|7 or its content creators; (ii) business losses; or (iii) losses to non-consumers.

WEBSITE ACCESS. I understand that only authorized members may access the JusBFit 24|7 and I am not permitted to share my access credentials with anyone else. Access credentials have been issued to enable me to securely access the JusBFit 24|7 in accordance with the terms of my membership.

MISCELLANEOUS. This is the whole Agreement between the parties with respect to the Membership Terms and Conditions and supersedes any prior understandings or agreements of the parties whether written or oral, express or implied. With the exception of pricing changes from time-to-time as noted above, this Agreement may not be amended or modified except in a writing signed by both parties.

PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION. For purposes of this payment authorization, the term "I" refers to the new member whose name appears above as the primary account holder and whose signature appears below. "You" refers to the financial institution where I hold an account. I authorize you to pay membership fees on my behalf to JusBFit 24|7 (or its designee) in the amount of the membership plan I have selected. These payments will continue until I submit notice of cancellation of my membership to the JusBFit 24|7 as instructed in this agreement. I agree I am bound by the membership payment terms and unpaid account balance due upon cancellation. I agree that you will be fully protected in honoring these direct debits and that your treatment of them and rights in respect to them are the same as if personally signed by me.

I understand that if I terminate the agreement or stop the automatic membership payment arrangement in a manner not described in the agreement, I may be liable to JusBFit 24|7 for damages for breach of contract.


PHYSICAL CONDITION AND NO MEDICAL ADVICE. I confirm that I am in good physical condition and have no medical reason or impairment that would prevent me from my intended use of JusBFit 24|7 services. I understand and acknowledge that the JusBFit 24|7 and its content creators will not and cannot provide me with any medical advice. If I have any health or medical concerns now or after I join, I will discuss them with my doctor before using the services.

LIABILITY FOR PROPERTY. I understand that the JusBFit 24|7 or its content creators are not responsible for any of my personal property that is damaged while utilizing JusBFit 24|7 services.

By acknowledging electronically, I affirm, understand and agree to the JusBFit 24|7 Usage Terms and Conditions, Payment Authorization, Membership Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy found at https://members.jusbfit247.com/privacy-policy.